Another Mason takes up the Plumbline

I'm very pleased to report that Matthew W. Schmeer has joined the Plumbline School.


Buck said...

Not to take any of this with excess seriousness, Henry. But as a card-carrying Mason, I can tell you that we (F&AM) would sure appreciate it if you'd refrain from calling your fellow Plumbliners "Masons" in the future. Probably be better for you guys, too, to avoid giving a wrong impression. Thanks!

Buck Downs

Henry Gould said...

Will bear that in mind, Buck. Thanks for the "watch your head". I know you fellows are hell with a brick.

I was looking at your book ("Marijuana Soft Drink") just last night! It is on my desk! Hope that keeps me on your good side, for a spell.

Joseph Duemer said...

I don't think anyone owns the word "mason." Like most nouns, it has a cluster of literal meanings that give rise to metaphorical uses of various kinds. My objection to Henry's usage would be that a plumbline, while useful in masonry, is a tool of more general use as well. Or are we talking about Freemasonry here?

Henry Gould said...

I think we're due for a post on that subject from you, Giuseppe.