i think, so far, there hasn't been enough...poetry.

i have no desire
to remember the year
the ugly inventions
that remind us who we really are

if only time could kill all the fools
inside my head
if only history, discerning,
could make today as dead
as yesterday, like poetry


the girls and rapists and saints
are all around me
all passed through the same milk and blood

each the acid seed in our stomach
eating us out from inside

we all should have died young
before we were rotten entire


chimera says
you have your mother’s eyes
you have the eyes of a nation

and that is why we can all tell
you’re not from around here
don’t blend in

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Joseph Duemer said...

These are tonic, indeed! I'll try to respond with some poems after I emit a couple of more prose things that have been banging around in my head the last couple of days in response to things you and Henry have posted.