Nibbling on Anthologies, Old and New

Hayden Carruth's anthology is a definite "must buy" for me, but I still have ink dribbling down my chin from nibbling on the Norton Anthology's American Hybrid. Yes, I bought a brand spanking new edition, and "no", I am not tearing it up to feed to my Chow Chow pawing at the back door. I actually liked some of the poems in it. Some of these poets would be most welcome amidst us Plumbliners. Some of them are, to use my favorite Midwestern jargon, "damn fine" poets.

For instance, some of Donald Revell's work in this anthology appears relatively transparent, serious, and grounded. Does he use classic turns in his work? No, not all of the time. Does spirit and earthiness disappear into techno talk? No, he actually made sense to me. For example, "My Trip" seemed lucid--even though I must admit I read it while sipping on a Cabernet Sauvignon with Schubert's final symphony echoing in the background.

Here is my challenge to all of us Plumbliners: peruse American Hybrid and find one poem that reflects our Aristotelian/ spiritual/ lucid quest. Let us be tough but fair. Let us use actual examples from poetry to make our points more clear.

I must go, as my Chow Chow is whining, and I am beginning to bore myself.


Mairi said...

Sorry to depart from the important business at hand but - is that Chou Chou as in Orangetown's version of Greyfriar's Bobby, or as in Judy Garland's Chou Chou, or a version of Chow Chow or what? I'll try to get hold of American hybrid so I can do my homework.

Chris Bays said...

Thanks Mairi,

Sorry about the confusion - I meant as in Chow Chow, the dog breed; he weighs about a hundred pounds, has red fur, and usually does not bark (Note the change in spelling :)) I probably had other thoughts drifting through my mind -so pardon the confusion. I put this post up while he was pawing at the door, my daughter was racing around the house, and the television was blaring. It is worth browsing through the Hybrid Anthology before purchasing.

Henry Gould said...

I keep checking the library catalog for A. Hybrid, in vain - will have to go buy one, I guess. Meanwhile, I have the Voice That Is Mumbling In My Knapsack.

Mairi said...

Chris - too late.
Henry - You can get it on Alibris for a reasonable amount.