Tom Hunley's Teaching Poetry Writing

I'm really glad Tom Hunley's a part of the Plumbline School. I'm discovering, as I'm reading more and more of his work, that he's an excellent, adventurous, energetic poet. But what I already KNOW is that he's thought deeply about poetry writing pedagogy, a subject on which he's written an excellent book, Teaching Poetry Writing: A Five-Canon Approach. In this book, Tom argues that those who teach poetry writing need to do away with the traditional workshop model and should consider embracing instead a pedagogy inspired and structured by the five canons of classical rhetoric: invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery. This is vital, big work, and work that I think would appeal to all those intrigued by issues taken up on this blog.

I've thought a little more about this over at the Structure & Surprise blog, trying to link up some of what Structure & Surprise tries to do with the big paradigm shift Tom argues for, encourages, and helps to make possible.


Tom C. Hunley said...

Thanks for recommending my book, Mike. I can get greatly discounted copies to Plumbline bloggers or followers who are interested.

Joseph Duemer said...

I'd like to get a a copy, even at full price.