Confused Valentine

Modernism is clinical depression
post-modernism is deranged depression
a normal reaction to an unfortunately
now normal variation on plangent
themes of madness

in my family everybody fought
with everybody so escape
got confused with peace
and rape with theft
but I refuse to be intimidated

by the present moment anymore
my goal in life
is to eliminate the egotism
of writing a poem
in the very act of writing it.


Mairi said...

I'm a big fan of your/Peter's - who are we meant to be speaking to in the comment section of a shared blog? The person who wrote the post? The people who will read it and the comments? There must be conventions governing such things but I'll pretend the answer is 'not Peter' - long running Valentine series - click on his name under 'Contributors' to check it out - and this one is a good example of the attraction. Witty, thoughtful, to the point whatever the point is, one of those poems that communicates before it's understood which is a good thing because sometimes I know a lot of what he's writing is going right over my head, coming at the topic in hand from a surprising slant. In this case the filigregious - good word, we have Peter to thank for it- reaches of the poetic ego. I wish I knew how to eliminate it in the very act of writing. I read something earlier today that Milosz said on the subject. "Writing is suspect since love of truth can go together with an urge to oppose our 'I' to the world. If I analyze calmly my scorn of 'them' on either side, I cannot see in myself somebody who is for truth or art as opposed to their aims such as power or glory. No. My ambition is higher, I take myself for more intelligent and their power seems to be illusory, their glory miserable. That's all. A spring that jumps when they squeeze it hard. That such writings can be useful to human beings is one of the enigmas of the world."

Peter said...

Thanks, Mari. I love that quote, interesting how these things come up.