A warm thank you to Henry for approving my request to join 'Plumbline School'!

The idea of a "mean between extremes" to me says that the potential orneriness of poststructuralism needs to be tempered by a respect for traditional form and content (and unfortunately what's been sacrificed in much contemporary poetry, especially in Canada, is the lyric voice).

I've recently written (at my blog) a poetic 'paratext' on Canadian poet bpNichol's The Martyrology: Books 1 & 2. Using a single page from Gilles Deleuze-Felix Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus as a palimpsest, I've composed a series of poetic reflections on a single line from Book 2: "saint of no-names" against both the text and illustration found on Deleuze-Guattari's page. It is, of course, a work in progress. I'm a poet driven by theory (whether I acknowledge it or not), and deleuzian theory articulates wonderfully the essentially liberatory nature of language and of the creative "flights" it offers the poet.

I invite everyone to take a look at the last five blog posts in my http://didiodatoc.blogspot.com/. I also manage (with another poet/visual artist) a blog ( http://deleuzecanada.wordpress.com/) devoted to a strictly deleuzian reading/critique of all things Canadian.

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