Good Friday Valentine

Our work is clearer

and clearer seeing

until seeing becomes hearing

what one sees is saying

and then becomes the living

thing seen from within

as if seeing double

the self-made self

it will follow what we do

on earth was already done

in some equidistant heaven

try not to think of a thoughtless clock

only a mind that can’t hang

with its own thoughts

will fail to see

another future

in the prior fact

of thinking itself.


Conrad DiDiodato said...


an interesting 'metaphysical' piece: a kind of prayerful insight into transcendent knowing. Almost meditative. I wonder if the expurgated 'Our Father' verse ("it will follow what we do/on earth was already done/in some equidistant heaven") embedded in the poem's center is a remedy for the heartless calculus of experimental knowing.

Henry Gould said...

Yes. Second that. & happy Easter, too (Raisin indeed).

Sankalp Kallakuri said...


gusDon said...

If only
Calendars do not have a name day
Maybe the trees will not know
A leaf has fallen
down this road

When the scorching days
Touching the tip of the wet, on
boys hair roadside

In the deserted park
Little girl dancing, the empty flowers
Her eyes dent a river
which often became his dream
Glass slipper, glass cans, or the sky pink,
words like..